• A trail running crew for young people

    Our aim is to increase the inclusion, participation and representation of young people in trail running

  • Enjoy Being Outdoors!

    It’s good for your mental and physical health!

  • Move Through Nature

    Explore the beauty of rural Britain! It belongs to us all!


    Build strength, stamina and fitness

Who Are TrailFam? 

TrailFam is a trail running crew for young people. Originating at Mulberry Academy Shoreditch in East London, TrailFam injects the kind of colour, energy and attitude into the sport that only a city youth can bring. 

A young person’s journey with TrailFam is broken into three parts: 

  • The TrailFam code 
  • The TrailFam mission 
  • The TrailFam master 

The TrailFam Code

We believe 

  • Opportunity is everywhere 
  • Diversity of opportunity is the best way for a young person to become their best self 
  • Movement and our natural surroundings are two keys to a healthy body and mind 
  • No hobby, interest, sport or area should be off-limits to any young person
  • Nature doesn’t have a dress code 
  • Everyone can learn. Anything. Anywhere 

The TrailFam Mission

We will 

  • Train our Fam to move through nature 
  • Inspire, teach and coach TrailFam members in the art of trail running 
  • Share a love and caring of the outdoors 
  • Help our fam look beyond their borough or postcode 
  • Shatter the illusion that young people who look a certain way, talk a certain way or live in a certain area cannot go where they want, do what they want and be who they want 

The TrailFam Master

To be a TrailFam Master, our crew will

  • Run the most amazing trail in this country and beyond 
  • Compete in trail running races against likeminded athletes 
  • Experience nature first hand and help preserve our natural world 
  • Share the opportunity of trail running to our young people 

What’s so good about Trail Running?

Trail Running is one of the most accessible ways to practice sport and exercise in nature.

Life in the city can be stressful and the streets congested and polluted so it’s important to spend time in the natural, rural environment – woods, parks, fields or mountains.

Trail running can improve your strength, resilience, balance, coordination and all-round fitness as well as improve mental and wellbeing. Excercise in outdoor spaces is great for getting rid of tension and stress and boosting your energy levels.

It’s about exploring the outdoors, embracing adventure; running through woods, streams and fields and breathing fresh air. The joy of exercising in nature is an experience that all young people in our diverse community can share, participate and enjoy. The benefits are boundless!