What We do

Race Team

TrailFam’s Race Team is an unparalleled opportunity for young trail runners to unlock their full potential and achieve great things in the world of trail running and beyond. By providing first-class coaching, access to performance trail running kit, and opportunities to participate in amazing trail running events, we are striving to create a legacy of elite trail runners and lovers of the outdoors from a pool of young people who may not have had access or opportunities to do so otherwise.

Shaping the champions of the future

We believe that every young person deserves the chance to reach their full potential, and we are dedicated to identifying and supporting those with a passion and talent for trail running. Our expert coaches work closely with each member of the Race Team to develop their skills, push their boundaries and encourage them to pursue their dreams.

But it’s not just about racing; we aim to instill in our Race Team members a deep appreciation and love for the outdoors, encouraging them to explore and connect with nature in ways they may not have previously thought possible. Through their involvement in our program, they gain a greater understanding of the importance of preserving our natural environment and are inspired to become ambassadors for the trails they run on.

By joining TrailFam’s Race Team, young trail runners have the opportunity to become part of a supportive and inspiring community of like-minded individuals. They will be challenged and encouraged to reach their full potential, both on and off the trails, making life-long friendships along the way! We are committed to helping our Race Team members achieve their goals, whether that be to compete at the highest level or simply to develop a lifelong love of trail running and the outdoors.

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